Long battery life is it

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Tech news

Most people now use smart phones for almost everything digital. To revolutionize a smart phone is not by adding a 41MP camera to it as announced by Nokia for the Nokia 808 but to see that people would have a juice on their phones after long time usage.
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Not barring the fact that there are many other ways of attaining a profound wealth, the internet business in recent times have produced billionaires that are still considered young and they attain these wealth with a relative short time. If you are thinking of following in the foot steps of these entrepreneurs, the following knowledge would help you.

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With the debut of the iPad in 2009, the sales of tablets are increasing while that of the PC is on a decline. As rightly predicted by Steve Jobs, the emergence of tablets as post PC era. The major player in the PC market Microsoft noticed this decrease in the purchase of PCs, reducing its revenue from the sale of its operating system, Microsoft introduces Windows 8, an operating system that merges the touch interface of the tablet and the functionality of the PCs in order to capture market share of tablets which is dominated by the Android (owned by Google)  and the iOS (owned by Apple).
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When you want to search for something over the web, the first site that comes to your mind is Google. As a result, Google becomes synonymous with search.

Larry Page, co-founder Google is ranked 24th wealthiest person in the world and the 30th most inflencial person in the world according to Forbes, with and estimated net worth of $18.7 billion.

Larry was born to Carl and Gloria Page on the 26th of March, 1973 in Lansing, Michigan. Both parents were computer professors at the Michigan State University. Larry holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science from Stanford University.

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Porn and the demonic realm

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Life story by April Garris

A few months after I became saved, and before I became involved with the Pink Cross Foundation, the Lord put a burden on my heart for those involved in porn. He moved my heart to start praying for them….to desperately cry out to Him for their salvation.

It was during one of these prayer sessions that the Lord literally opened my eyes to see and understand the demonic reality that exists in the midst of the porn industry. It does not exist “behind-the scenes” nor has it “infiltrated” the industry – It completely controls the inner workings and has power over those involved.

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Carlos Slim is regarded by Forbes Magazine as the wealthiest person on earth as at 2012 with an estimated net worth of $74 billion.

Carlos slim was born in Mexico city, Mexico in 1940 to Julian Slim Haddad and Linda Helu, both of Lebanese descent along with five other siblings. Slim and his siblings were taught basic business practises by their father, and by the age of 12, Slim bought shares in a Mexican Bank. At the age of 17, he earned 200 pesos a week working for his father’s company. He went ahead to study engineering at the National Autonomous University in Mexico, while simultaneously teaching there.

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Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Tech news

Before you decide to buy that device, hold on a while to read this article, I believe that this article would guide you in choice making.

There is a little debate that the most important device is the smartphone (blackberry phones, iphone, nokia symbian phone, windows phone and android phone), which is becoming increasingly sophisticated with advanced hardware such as the dual processors (two processors working as one) found in new devices like the Motorola Driod and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Beyond communication, smartphones offer some basic computing functions such as email and web browsing which were until recently the domain of laptops.  

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